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Jeans Pants Manufacturers

We manufacture and wholesale jeans and denim pants

Jeans and Denim go hand in hand in the fashion industry. Now a days Jeans and the Denim Pants are the fashion tags of youth. Both these materials have been ruling the industry for ages. While many manufacturers choose these to develop an end product we stand out in the market for choosing both these and experimenting something unique out of them every time. We are the Jeans and Denim pants Manufacturer and Wholesaler and produce different varieties starting from wide bottomed to skin fitted to ripped and then formal pants.

Our jeans are styled with embroidered patches or studs to just give them an extra look. We do have simple pants for there is always another side of the fashion that never ceases to exist and that is simplicity. The world renowned jeans and Denim Pants Manufacturer and Wholesaler have simple variety of jeans as well that holds fashion and uniqueness altogether.

Denim Shirts Manufacturer and Wholesaler

We manufacture and wholesale jeans and denim shirts

Jeans and Denim shirts are everyone's favourite these days and are categorized as one of the top seller product which is best suited for every gender. We have successfully made through a huge range of Jeans and Denim shirts which along with being of high quality are very trendy in the market. Our wholesale buyers usually depend on a higher quote of products from this particular category as compared to others.

Denim shirts could be worn casually and formally too with a straight creased pant paired with heels for the perfect event look. Denim shirts could be styled in different ways and is a must in everyone's wardrobe. Jeans and Denim shirts Manufacturer and Wholesaler has shifted the fashion sense in a different direction. The Pk-apparels, the jeans and Denim shirts Manufacturer and Wholesaler has started manufacturing the Jeans and Denim shirts since they were at the edge of the designing industry.

Denim Jackets Manufacturer and Wholesaler

We manufacture and wholesale jeans and denim jackets

Denim Cargo Pants Manufacturer and Wholesaler

We manufacture and wholesale jeans and denim cargo pants

Denim Shorts Manufacturer and Wholesaler

We manufacture and wholesale jeans and denim cargo pants

T Shirts Manufacturers and Wholesaler

We manufacture and wholesale T Shirts

We manufacture T-Shirts of a wide range including digital printed, sticker printed and painted; so we can call it fun and attire in wholesale. All these can be topped with a patch of embroidered logo or a word to add a style statement. We have worked on changing the traditional concept of a T-Shirt being casual by styling it with a good quality fabric and exemplary stitching that a T-Shirt could be worn as a formal upper wear now.

This is what makes our buyers hooked to us and we are successfully labelled as one the best T-Shirt manufacturer and wholesaler both. The T-shirts are the new style holder these days and its even more fun to wear them now as they are provided by the Pk-apparel T-shirts: Manufacturer and Wholesaler.

Hoodies Manufacturer and Wholesaler

We manufacture and wholesale hoodies

Hoodies Manufacturer and Wholesaler are hooding the fashion industry these days. Who doesn't like hoodies? It's the most manufactured product of our product line. Our hoodies are made with the best cotton to give the finest result. We use the best quality material in our manufacturing to ensure that our customer does feel the comfort for which a hoodie is usually worn. Our hoodies are a free size and stretchable. We also have the ones which size from small to large. Moreover, we mostly have XL size in most of our manufactured articles because we love to think for the oversized people.

They need to look as beautiful as all the other sized people look. Moreover, we provide the customized hoodies in design and size both. It is decided to provide this just for the sake of our customer's comfort and ease. The hoodies Manufacturer and Wholesaler of PK Apparel are loved just because they are always at clients services to be best suited for them.

We at PK Apparel are passionate about our work and are growing as the best manufacturer and wholesaler in the market. Our products are so attractive that all most of our customers tend to buy them at first glance. PK Apparel has the best back up team undoubtedly with designers from the field of textile, digital and fashion. We have a team of professional to lead and trainee all our workers so they produce the best out of their qualities.

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ISO Certified

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified company, certification is a useful tool to add credibility, by demonstrating that your product or service meets the expectations of your customers.

Best Prices

Our prices are unbeatable, Our FOB prices for best quality jeans pants ranges from $4 - $8 depends on buyer's styling and design requirements.

On Time Shipment

We have delivered 80% of our shipments on time, We are highly expert in our field and have time estimates of every process it takes to complete shipment.