Jeans manufacturing cost


Pakistan is one of the biggest exporters of denim fabric and garments. It is well-known for its apparel and denim manufacturing. Pakistan has captured a large market share of denim jeans when compared to the rest of the world. The reason for its success is its efficiency to produce large volumes of jeans with fewer turnovers.

Textile, in this country, is the hardest-hitting sector. Being a key exporter, it accounts for almost half of the shipment abroad. The business owners in Pakistan are experts in navigating through the hurdles that arise in the textile sector. They are responsible for the success of jeans pants wholesalers due to their immense hard work. This is the reason why well-known denim brands from overseas, all, get their jeans manufactured from Pakistan.

Pakistan, as a denim hub, has affordable jeans manufacturing costs. The majority of leading suppliers of high-quality denim exist in this region that caters to the needs of world-known brands. They can increase job opportunities due to their significant contribution to the export sector. With technological advancements occurring every day, Pakistan can provide commendable performance in the denim sector.

Vertically integrated industries produce all the raw material for the manufacturing of jeans in their units. This is one of the reasons why the jeans manufacturing cost is reduced in Pakistan. The number of overheads is reduced, the turnover time is shortened and the quality remains consistent. Since the whole process remains consistent, the possibility of ditching the familiar and expanding the horizons of innovation enhances. There is more room for creativity in the development process.

Major denim brands

Since the products are less expensive without any compromise on the quality, multiple denim brands are interested in dealing with the industries in Pakistan. Major denim brands in Europe, United States, Australia, and Korea, all get their jeans manufactured in Pakistan. Here are the names of some of the brands.

  • Europe: Jack & Jones, Only, Selected, Name it, Mango, H&M, etc.
  • US: Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, JCPenny, etc.
  • Australia: Neuw, Just jeans, Abrand, etc.

Besides these well-known brands, numerous brands that are engaged with Pakistan’s textile industries from other regions across the globe.

Fabric Manufacturing Cost

Denim jeans have become a staple in the attire. It is due to its comfort, timeless style, and rugged fabric that has made it popular over the years. Otherwise, it was used for industrial workers. Certain factors impact the jeans manufacturing cost in Pakistan. The first major factor is the fabric. From fiber to weaving, the number of overheads involved all account for in the pricing. The cost of fiber, the processing cost of fiber, yarn, yarn dyeing, weaving, finishing, all help finalize the cost per meter/yard.


When it comes to calculating the cost of jeans, there are a few elements to consider. Fabric, wash, thread, trims, embellishments, and units are all variables that play a part. Fabric and wash account for a major portion of the cost of these jeans. Since the fabric cost has been discussed, let us shift our focus to the wash.

It is important to select the kind of wash which can come under your budget. A rinse-washed garment will have a lower cost than a bleached wash with a fashion element involved. Similarly, jeans populated with whiskers, chevrons, back knee whiskers will cost a bit more than jeans that are simply stonewashed. However, Pakistan’s manufacturers are all cooperative. They believe in building relations with their suppliers enough to compensate the cost based on your budget. This, of course, depends on the units as well. If the number of garments is increased then per unit cost decreases, which in turn proves beneficial for your business? At the end of the day, it highly depends on the order quantity for the pricing of jeans. If the quantity is low, then definitely the pricing would be high and vice versa. This factor also has a huge impact on the jeans manufacturing cost in Pakistan.

The trims, thread, and accessories play a part in the final cost, as well. Each major brand from overseas nominates a supplier for their desired accessories. These nominated suppliers quote a price that is suitable for both the manufacturer and the brand. Further discussion of the supplier is continued with the manufacturer as they try to complete the order.