Jeans manufacturing company

PK Apparel is a well-reputed name engaged in the Manufacturing and Supplying of a wide range of Jeans Products. Our assorted variety of Jeans Products includes Denim Jeans, Denim Jackets, Jeans Pants and Jeans Shirts. The company is an ISO Certified Company, which talks about the company's credibility. Moreover, the company is also a Member of the Clothing Manufacturers Association of Pakistan. Today, Jeans Factory is considered to be one of the finest quality denim makers.


We have a team backed by skilled, experienced, responsible and well educated Merchandisers and Managers to look after our company's merchandise and quality control. A lot of effort goes into planning and selecting material of the highest quality that suits the style of the garments. Take for example the choice of selecting the best possible fabric for a Denim Pant. Even though a number of light-weight textiles, and fabrics are available making an exclusive choice for that perfect apparel is the challenge. We make sure that the material we use is organic such that it qualifies as a trademark offering of Fine Fair garments.


PK Apparel puts quality as the first priority which is why every manufactured product is inspected before being dispatched for distribution. Intricate details like the stitching of buttons and size of button holes are given proper inspection. Rivets, metal buttons and the snaps are checked for durability and their ability to withstand with rust. If we find any problem while inspection we send the defaulted piece immediately back for re-sewing. After resolving the issue, the jeans are again passed through the inspection phase. This process is repeated until the issue is resolved.