Jeans Wholesale

Jeans Wholesale

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Rating & Reviews

  • We orders 500 women jackets, delivery was on time and quality was also good, we repeated our order

    Brand Owner,USA

  • Pants quality was awesome but shipment was 2 weeks late, had not much good expeience but will try them again


  • Awesome quality better than China, Pakistani jeans have real denim looks and price is also cheap, regular client of PK apparel

    Store Owner,Germany

  • Communication is bit slow but overall expeience of denim quality and on time delivery is good, anyway liked them

    Amazon Retailer,UK

Questions - FAQs

What is your MOQ for available stock?

There is no MOQ for availabe stock, you can even buy 1 set of each style or color

What is your MOQ for custom order?

For custom design order our MOQ is 100 pieces per style per color

Do you send samples and how much it costs?

Yes, we send samples and for available samples cost per piece is $50 including shipping worldwide delivered in 24 hours.

For custom design samples cost is according to design and delivered in 2 weeks.

Are you manufacturer, wholesaler or trader?

We have our own manufacturing unit with capacity of 3000 pieces per day

What is your order delivery time?

Our order delivery time is 3-4 weeks after order confirmation

What shipping modes you are working?

Ex-factory, FOB, CIF etc

What payment methods do you accept?

For Samples: Credit/Debit Card, Western Union etc.

For Orders: LC, Bank Transfers etc.

Jeans wholesale business has elevated in the past decade. Although it was first invented for factory workers, it did not take much time for it to become an essential part of catwalks. The rugged fabric has flattered everybody from celebrities to workers. Denim jeans are, now, the ultimate fashion statement, a must-have in every wardrobe. Any product’s ability to capture a huge percentage of the market is highly dependent on its uniqueness. The innovation of dyeing yarn before weaving and using it in the warp only while keeping the weft white is phenomenal. However, the twill weave of denim is a major reason for its success.

A good pair of jeans tells the story of its owner. It explains the lifestyle of the person who wears as it ages with time. Jeans wholesale market is in equilibrium. Denim lovers are intrigued by the natural worn-out effect of jeans. The more washed down, the better it looks. Jeans are gaining momentum in the world. They are becoming appropriate for meetings, outings, and parties. A premium quality pair of jeans is recognized even in a shredding plant.

Wholesale Jeans Online

Purchasing wholesale jeans online is indeed a battle. Without the fabric in hand, the ability to conclude the quality of jeans becomes a hustle. However, due to the technologically advanced era in which we exist, the online purchasing dynamics have shifted completely making it easier for the consumer to purchase denim jeans in bulk. Denim qualities are not hidden from the eyes of the consumers even if it is just a picture that is being evaluated. There are three major qualities that you need to know before making a purchase. The character of the rugged fabric, the authentic indigo shade and the worn-out effect is easy to judge even if the fabric is not in your hand. However, as a consumer, you need to be aware of these qualities regardless of the platform where you want to purchase.

Quality Jeans Wholesale

As a professional manufacturer of denim jeans, we consider it our duty to educate the consumer with the truth about the quality of denim jeans in wholesale. Denim fabric is extremely cast-sensitive. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate the shade of indigo in the jeans you are purchasing. There is no limitation on the shade. However, it is necessary to be clear about the direction you want your jeans to take. The same goes for the character of denim as well. However, what is important here is to note that the absence of character never exactly becomes a success unless the rest of the ingredients are paired well to create synchronization. As a leading manufacturer of wholesale jeans in Pakistan, we need to communicate these guidelines.

It is not easy to find a jeans wholesale distributor that easily. The rates fluctuate depending on the demand. It is directly proportional to the design and material used in the jeans, as well. Your trust should be aligned with platforms that are experienced and efficient in their work. It is very important to surround your business with exceptional ranges of denim jeans in both quality and quantity.