Wholesale Jeans Bulk

Wholesale Jeans Bulk

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Rating & Reviews

  • We orders 500 women jackets, delivery was on time and quality was also good, we repeated our order

    Brand Owner, USA

  • Pants quality was awesome but shipment was 2 weeks late, had not much good expeience but will try them again

    Wholesaler, UK

  • Awesome quality better than China, Pakistani jeans have real denim looks and price is also cheap, regular client of PK apparel

    Store Owner, Germany

  • Communication is bit slow but overall expeience of denim quality and on time delivery is good, anyway liked them

    Amazon Retailer, UK

Questions - FAQs

What is your MOQ for available stock?

There is no MOQ for availabe stock, you can even buy 1 set of each style or color

What is your MOQ for custom order?

For custom design order our MOQ is 100 pieces per style per color

Do you send samples and how much it costs?

Yes, we send samples and for available samples cost per piece is $50 including shipping worldwide delivered in 24 hours.

For custom design samples cost is according to design and delivered in 2 weeks.

Are you manufacturer, wholesaler or trader?

We have our own manufacturing unit with capacity of 3000 pieces per day

What is your order delivery time?

Our order delivery time is 3-4 weeks after order confirmation

What shipping modes you are working?

Ex-factory, FOB, CIF etc

What payment methods do you accept?

For Samples: Credit/Debit Card, Western Union etc.

For Orders: LC, Bank Transfers etc.

Wholesale jeans bulk

Denim jeans were first introduced in the market as jeans for men, it didn't take much longer for them to turn into high-waisted jeans for women. People's love for denim is eternal. It is not a phase that will soon disappear. The bond has been built over for decades. From ripped jeans to skinny jeans, all categories are being manufactured in the wholesale jeans bulk. However, the journey that denim went through in life is still unknown to the majority. Many misconceptions have arisen over the years.

Journey of denim jeans

Blue jean has been considered an essential part of the wardrobe for decades. It was first invented for industrial workers that required pants with enough strength to withstand all day's hard work. Later, it became a fashion statement due to its iconic qualities. Wholesale jeans in bulk began to rise when cowboys, entrepreneurs, merchants, all fell in love with this rugged indigo-dyed cloth. Signature pieces were each created manually due to the lack of machinery. However today, denim jeans have moved past the phase of just being a fashion statement. It has created a special place in the market. Being recognized as a prestigious part of clothing, it is included in the runway shows of fashion brands that don't usually have denim in their collections. This timeless piece of clothing has numerous qualities that are responsible for its success.

Qualities of denim jeans

Among tremendous qualities that have elevated the demand for your regular blue jean, one stands out the most: their ability to form a natural wear pattern. Wholesale jeans in bulk have both kinds of jeans available. They have washed jeans with different kinds of wear patterns from authentic to vintage to fashion. On the contrary, they have completely raw jeans that allow you to form your patterns over time. Denim jeans allow their owner to add their personal touch. Men's jeans permit you to be creative. It encapsulates many opportunities for versatility. When compared to the rest of the clothing, denim jeans are the only garment whose fading is appreciated and admired throughout the decades.

Wholesale jeans in bulk

Wholesale jeans in bulk have the pieces that are manufactured on a larger scale. Industries tend to create each piece based on an approved design. With a variety of shades, casts of indigo being invented every day, the possibilities of finding options in the collection are endless. It is essential to purchasing jeans in production from vertically integrated industries. They tend to create everything in the same region and hence the prices are lower than usual. Apart from that, the turnover time is reduced as well.

The power of online sales

Running a wholesale business has its challenges despite the category. However, with online sales gaining traction each day, it has become easier for people to purchase their favorite pair of jeans online. It has also become easier for wholesalers as the best quality of stock is just a click away. Wholesale jeans in bulk are based on months of hard work. Beginning with the initiation of design then its approval, the final products are efficiently manufactured. Each element of the blue jeans is special. When dealing with wholesale jeans in bulk, it is important to understand the challenges that come with the conventional way of business. However, with the power of an online platform, it has become convenient for trade to go smoothly. The prices and quantity is non-negotiable so only serious clients approach. They are easily filtered out due to the strict rules of an online platform.